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Pool Comp

Wednesday 21st of August
6:30 pm - 10:00 pm

  • All registered names will be randomly selected for the fixture (who plays whom)
  • There are no swaps allowed.
  • The draw continues until all names are drawn.
  • There will be a number of “free draws” if there are an odd number of registrations. This means that the person drawn will go automatically go into the next round.
  • As a person wins their game they progress to the next round and play the person that won the game below or above, depending on where they fall in the table.
  • This continues until there are only have two players left which will play in the finals.
  • There will be a three way play off in the event of an odd number
  • All prizes will be paid in points
  • The Prize is not transferable, substitutable or exchangeable (including any unused portion).
  • If any part of the prize is not available for any reason, the Venue reserves the right to substitute that part of the prize for something similar in value subject to regulatory approval.
  • Winner/s must complete in full the ‘winners register form’
  • Pool Competition General Rules 2023:
    • Two shots every foul, except on the black ball
    • No shooting back if the white ball has been sunk
    • If you foul on the black and the black sinks, the opposition wins
    • If you foul but do not sink the white or black ball and the other party still has balls on the table, it is two shots to that person
    • If ball leaves the table, it is two shots to the other player, except if you’re on black ball and 1 shot foul rule applies
    • If you sink 2 different balls off the break, you choose the ball you want and play on