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Lions Loot

Friday 21st of April
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

  • Winner/s must be present in the gaming room at the time their name is called.
  • To be a Winner/s your name must be drawn from the virtual barrel
  • Winner/s have two (2) minutes to approach the Promotion Host at the cashier’s desk to play
  • If the Winner/s is not present to claim any prize with in the two (2) minutes a redraw will occur
  • Winner/s will be announced by mention of first and last name, along with their membership number.
  • One member will be drawn from the virtual barrel every 15 minutes during the promotion time
  • A total of eight (8) members will be drawn each day the promotion is run
  • All Winner/s will have a chance to select a ‘Lion’ and win a prize ranging from $50-$250 paid in cash and vouchers